Central Florida Officials Association Girls Flag Football Information


  • Initial Registration – 1/2/18
  • Last Day for Late Registration – 1/16/18
  • Exam Schedule 12/18/17 – 1/23/18
  • 2/19/18 – Training Class – Freedom High School
    7:30am - Registration
    8:00 am to 9:30 am – Awards and Rules Presentation
    10:00am to 12:00 pm – Field Work Live Action
    12:15 pm – Lunch


Preseason Classic Tournaments (Week 36) - February 26 - March 3
First Regular Season Playing Date (Week 37) – March 5
Last District Playing Date (Week 42) – April 14
Last Regular Season Playing Date (Week 43) – April 21

2018 Florida High School Flag Football State Championships
District Tournaments

When: Monday-Saturday, April 23-28, 2018
Regional Tournaments/Regional tournament semifinals TBD
Regional tournament finals TBD
FHSAA Flag Football State Championships TBD


Congratulations Chuck Bauman FHSAA Flag Football Official of the year

Chuck Bauman, flag football official


Final 2017 CFOA Flag Football Playoff Crews

Crew 1
R - Kevin Bowersox
LJ - Daniel Dobrosielski
FJ - Samantha Fritzell
BJ - Charles Baumann

Crew 2
R - Jonathan McNamara
LJ - Melvin Jones
FJ - Joshua Bernhard
BJ - Frederick Smart

Crew 3
R - Kerry Jackson
LJ - Jason Carroll
FJ - Rodney Clevenger
BJ - Jemal Taylor

Crew 4
R - Brent Haskill
LJ - Timothy Crim
FJ - Amanda Hall
BJ - Vincent Swanigan

Crew 5
R- Jeffery Pon
LJ - Vernon Law
FJ - Henry Hamm
BJ - Dale Keneipp


Flag Football Officials Information

Dear CFOA Flag Football Officials,

As the season has begun this past week, I want to remind you of several important things as we have gotten started. The official uniform is posted below.

Please also remember we are out there for the student athletes. If coaches want to play 12 minute quarters for their JV games, it is their right to do so. Some coaches want 10 and some want 12. Do not argue with the coach if they ask you for 12 minute quarters in a JV game.

Finally, Brent Haskill was kind enough to share the presentation that he and Daniel Dobrosielski did an amazing job of presenting at our Flag Football Field Clinic. Here is the link if you were not there or have any questions, I'd suggest going back and looking at the presentation.

View Presentation

The presentation will be sent to the county AD's and they may choose to send it to their coaches. Please make sure you know what you are supposed to be doing out there.

Central Florida Officials Association : cfoa.com
Everything you want to know about Central Florida Sports Officials Association is found online here.

Thank you and have a great season,
Kevin Bowersox
CFOA Flag Football Vice - President


flag football uniform

The CFOA Flag Football Uniform is as follows:

  • Black and White Referee Shirt with a Black Collar and FHSAA Patch on the Pocket and American Flag on the Left Sleeve
  • All Black Coaches shorts with belt loops
  • Black and White Piped Hat
  • All Black Belt (leather)
  • Black Socks
  • Black Shoes
  • Penalty Flag (1 or 2)
  • Black Bean Bag
  • Two different color discs or cones (Orange - offense, Yellow - defense)
  • Game Card (Score, Unsportsmanlike Penalties)

Kevin Bowersox


Dear CFOA Flag Football Officials,

If you have not yet registered for Flag Football with the state and CFOA please do so as soon as possible. The deadline to register for flag football is 2/27/17. We will have a meeting at St. Cloud High School on Saturday, March 4th @ 9:00am. The schedule for this date is 9:00am - 10:00am classroom session, working scrimmages 10:30am to 11:30am JV game, 11:30 to 12:30pm Varsity game with lunch being served immediately following the scrimmages at 12:45pm.

There is NO Flag Football rules test for this season. All NEW members will be required to come to the meeting in order to be evaluated by our veteran Flag Football officials. IF you need/want your books before the meeting on Saturday, March 4th, you can contact Roland Taylor 407-855-3035 (Home) 407-701-0563 (Cellular).

After talking to several associations, we have determined that they have an officials dress code for flag football. This year everyone will be required to wear the SAME uniform as it looks more professional.


The uniform WILL BE as follows:

  • collared black and white referee shirt
  • black coaches shorts (Honig's has them)
  • black and white piped football hat
  • black socks
  • black belt (Honig's has this)
  • mostly black shoes/cleats
  • penalty flag (1 or 2)
  • black bean bag
  • two different color discs or cones (orange - offense, yellow - defense)
  • game card (score, unsportsmanlike penalties)

Important Dates
Preseason classic tournaments (Week 36) – March 6-11
First regular season playing date (Week 38) – March 13
Last district playing date (Week 43) – April 22
State entry list due (Week 44) – April 24
Last regular season playing date (Week 44) – April 29

2017 Florida High School Flag Football State Championships

District Tournaments
When: Monday, May 1 - Thursday, May 4, 2017
Regional Tournaments

  • Regional tournament semifinals on Friday, May 12, 2017
  • Regional tournament finals on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Florida High School Flag Football State Championships
When: Friday, May 19 - Saturday, May 20, 2017
Where: TBD
Friday, May 19:

  • Semifinals
    • TBA

Saturday, May 20:

  • 1A/2A State Championships
    • TBA

Thank you,
Kevin Bowersox
CFOA Flag Football Vice - President

Previous Flag Football Announcements

FHSAA Important Dates for Registration and Test Dates for 2016-17

BA=baseball; BB=basketball; FB=football; FFB=flag football; LC=lacrosse; SB=softball; SC=soccer; SW=swimming & diving; TR=track & field; VB=volleyball; WP=water polo; WR=wrestling

2016-17 Registration Deadlines





Initial Deadline

Last Date
to Register














2016-17 Rules Exam Schedule


75 minutes
50 questions

Make-up Exam
75 minutes
50 questions


8/08 – 8/17
8/17 – 8/26

9/02 – 9/8
9/04 – 9/10


10/11 – 10/20
10/24 – 11/02

11/04 – 11/10
11/10 – 11/16


1/11 – 1/20
1/21 – 2/01
2/06 – 2/15

2/16 – 2/22
2/16 – 2/22
2/21 – 2/27

Some answers to frequently asked questions:

  • The CFOA covers ~ 21 schools in Central Florida (Orange and Osceola County)
  • Games are typically played Monday through Friday in JV/Varsity doubleheaders
  • Games are played under the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) Flag Football rules, with slight FHSAA modifications on equipment. Officials must have a thorough understanding of rules and mechanics as they are followed strictly.
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CFOA Flag Football
Contact Information


CFOA President:
Allen Cramer

Vice President - Flag Football:
Kevin Bowersox

Assignment Officer - Flag Football:
Don Trawick

At Large Director - Flag Football:
Jason Carroll

2017-18 Committees

Flag Football Evaluation
Rodney Clevenger (Chair)
Chuck Baumann
Kerry Jackson

Jeff Pon (Chair)
Reggie Forbes
Lou Prano

Joshua Bernhard (Chair)
Henry Hamm
A. J. Thomas

Jerome "Tra" Blake

Tyler Laymon (Chair)
Brandon Schwab
Erskine Callaway

Rules Interpreter
Brent Haskill


Flag Football Exam Dates

Download the 2015-16 Officials Calendar at a Glance for important test dates for flag football officials.

Educational Info

Please refer to the links below for all Rules, Mechanics, and Case play information.

2007 - 2008 Officials Manual and Positioning

Penalty Enforcement Chart

2007-2008 Case Plays

CFOA Playoffs History

FHSAA Finals Tournament

2016 - State Semi-Final - Tampa
(Brent Haskill, Tim Crim, Henry Hamm, Erskine Callaway)

2015 - State Final - Tallahassee
(Brian Valentine, Greg Vanatta, Jessica Vanatta, Melvin Jones)

2014 - State Final - Tallahassee
(Tyler Laymon, Brandon Schwab, Reggie Forbes, Erskine Callaway)

2013 - State Final - Osceola High School
(Kevin Bowersox, Chuck Baumann, Tra Blake, Jeff Pon)

2012 - State Final
(Jason Carol, Joseph Wasco, Anthony Kreitzer, Kerry Jackson)

2011 - State Final
(Chuck Baumann, Jeff Pon, Vladimir Voyard-Tadal, Keven Bowersox)

2010 - State Final
(Jason Carroll, Brian Valentine, Alexandra Prano, Mike Gothelf)

2009 - State Final
(Jeff Pon, Cary Fields, Leisha Cavallaro, Gary Cahen)

2008 - State Semi-Final
(Tom Eaton, Jason Carroll, Brian Valentine, Chuck Baumann)

2007 - State Final
(Steve Anderson, Chris Morello, Jaime Morales, Gary Cahen)

2006 - State Semi-Final
(Vladimir Voyard-Tadal, Kevin Bowersox, Chuck Baumann, Henry Hamm)

2005 - State Final
(Gary Cahen, Andy Powell, Bob Kessler, Chuck Baumann)

2004 - State Semi-Final
(Gary Cahen, Cary Fields, Chuck Baumann, Chris Morello)

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