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The CFOA registration for the upcoming season is now available. Please log on to using your registered email address and password. Once logged in, look to the right of the screen and you will notice, in bold print, the phrase “Click here to re-register”. Please click on the phrase. This will take you to the registration process. It will take you through five (5) screens.

Screen 1 – Name and Email address – If name is not spelled correctly, please correct. Click Next

Screen 2 – Address and telephone numbers – if any are not correct, please correct and send an E-mail to advising of the change to the address and/or telephone number(s) Click Next

Screen 3 – Sports – it will show the current sport(s) that you worked last season. If you plan to work the same sport(s), check the box(es) for that sport(s). If you are planning to work a sport which you did not work last year, please send an E-mail to advising of your intention to work additional sport(s) and what that sport(s) you would like to work. The appropriate parties will then be notified to include you in their mailings for that sport. If you are planning to drop a sport that you worked last year, please advise, Click Next

Screen 4 – Date fingerprinted and spouse’s name (if previously given). If the fingerprint field is blank, it indicates that the CFOA/Quad County database does not have a record of you completing the fingerprint process. If you have completed the fingerprint process and the field is blank, please send an E-mail to indicating the date which you were fingerprinted and the county school board which did the fingerprinting. The CFOA will then check with the county school board as to the status of your fingerprints. If the spouse’s name field is blank and you wish to update that field with your spouse’s name, please add it to the field. Click Next

Screen 5 – Self explanatory – Click the appropriate boxes. Click Finish

Once you have click Finish, you have completed the re-registration process. IF YOU HAVE MADE CHANGES TO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING FIELDS, Please send an E-mail to letting us know of the change.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Adding or deleting a Sport

All name and address changes will be coordinated with the CPA’s office to ensure that your check is mailed to the correct address.



If you have any questions regarding the re-registration process, please contact the CFOA Arbiter via email. Include a phone number where you can be reached.


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