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CFOA Treasurer 2016 Announcements

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Distinguished Service Members:

CFOA Active Sports Officials with 25 Years or more of Service with CFOA

Exempt from Annual Dues per Treasurer.

  • Greg E. Anderson
  • Willie Bateman
  • Bernard Baumann
  • Horace Cannady
  • Melvin Carter
  • Steve Carter
  • Randy Chrastina
  • Rodney Clevenger
  • Edward Collier, Sr.
  • Rick Corley
  • David Allen Cramer
  • Edward Everett
  • Cary Fields
  • Anthony Frazier
  • Joe Galvan
  • Al Garza
  • George H. Heisey
  • David Herndon
  • Gladys Hightower
  • Jerome Hightower
  • Mike Koller
  • William Lowney
  • Willie McBride
  • Lee McCain
  • Morris Middleton
  • Raymond Miller
  • Archie Mills
  • Anthony S. Napolitano, Sr.
  • Rey Nickerson
  • Gene Perricone
  • Prince Pollard
  • Andy Powell
  • Jerry Prather
  • Chuck Pula
  • Robert H. Rogers
  • C.W. (Bill) Smith
  • Charles Tabscott
  • Roland Taylor
  • A.J. Thomas
  • Don Trawick
  • Gregory Vanatta
  • Larry Wages
  • Charlton Walker
  • Allan Whitlow
  • Alfred (Al) Williams

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