CFOA Playoff Selection Committee Policy/Process

Process CF / CFL / CB / CV 001-01

1. Officials must meet all criteria in the Current FHSAA Officials Guide Book and those set forth by CFOA Policy to be considered for a playoff crew.

  1. Be a member in good standing with the FHSAA & CFOA, no fines pending or suspensions in current year.
  2. Must have made an 80 or better on the current years test.
  3. Must have attended a CFOA approved Clinic within the past 4 years. Attendance at a clinic may be utilized in the selection process.
  4. Be a ranked 1 or 2 official with the FHSAA. The FHSAA has made exceptions to this rule, however this must go through the VP of sport for approval and he/she will present the request to the FHSAA for a waiver. Rated 1 & 2 officials will be given preference.
  5. Must be physically able to perform his or her duties for the duration of a game and throughout the playoff series as assigned by the FHSAA.
  6. Must have the CFOA listed as their primary association, no secondary officials will be utilized.
  7. Whenever possible an official should not work in championship game 2 consecutive years unless requested by the FHSAA. Each Sport will develop specific policies regarding these assignments.
  8. Transfers who meet these qualifications are eligible immediately to be assigned to a playoff crew.
  9. ECO (Football only) must be able to work the field in order to be assigned to a playoff crew. If the ECO cannot work the field they will not be assigned to a playoff crew.

2. The best qualified officials will be put on top crews, regardless of their prior playoff experience or recent playoff experience. Many of the same officials will be on the top crews several years in a row if that becomes necessary. Younger officials may be placed on crews if they have the ability to perform at a higher level than veteran officials.

3. The Assigner for sport specific gives his/her input to Recommendation Chair/Committee on how the official(s) worked throughout the year or any negative/positive reports he/she has received from fellow officials and/or coaches.

4. A crew member who scratches a game during the playoffs may be removed from that crew for the rest of the playoff series.

5. It is up to the referee of the crews to ensure that his/her crew wears the prescribed FHSAA uniform.

6. The specific sports will develop its own policy for making changes as needed when a crew member needs to be replaced once the crews have been approved. 

7. A List of 4 to 6 officials as supplemental for playoff crews. (If needed for sport). If we call all on the playoff list and none can make it we utilize the supplemental officials which have been selected by the Recommendations Committee.






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