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Flag Football Officials of the Year

Melvin Jones
Melvin Jones

Kerry Jackson
Kerry Jackson

Erskine Callaway
Erskine Callaway

Kevin Bowersox
Kevin Bowersox


CFOA Flag Football Officials 2018
L-R: Allen Cramer, Kevin Bowersox, Erskine Callaway, Kerry Jackson, Melvin Jones and Jemal Taylor


Whistles & Wings Recruiting Team

Giving Back Officials

Keith Smith, Coach John Zeoli, Dave Jones, Retired NBA Official, Allen Cramer, President of CFOA, Rocky Sorice and Jon Marc Creighton donated their time and energy to fulfill their mission of Recruiting New Basketball Officials.

Deland High School was the inaugural site for Whistles & Wings - an opportunity to wet the appetite for Officiating.


7A State Championships

Class 7A State Football Championship Crew (left to right):
AJ Thomas, Zack Hiwiller, Jemal Taylor, Jason Carroll, Mitch Fazzio, Cory Fleming, Richard Mayor
not shown Kerry Jackson Game Clock Operator


2018 - 3A State Finals Volleyball Officials

Volleyball Officials State Tournament

L to R: Chantal Williams, Tommie Butts, Tena Waters, Tom Hopkins


Basketball Officials

Thank you for your service.

L to R: Delores Connelly, Willie Bateman, Gerome Hightower, Chuck Pula, Greg Vanatta


Orlando Christian Prep-Calling for a Cure

Orlando Christian Prep - Calling for a Cure - October 2018

The following photo is from the 911 Service Celebration at Minneola High School. Tom Hopkins and Karen Seifer are the officials.


911 service celebration volleyball


Hall of Fame Banquet - 2017 Inductees

Hall of Fame 2017

Bob Blair, Jr. (center)
pictured with Jemal Taylor (commissioner) and Allen Cramer (president)

Hall of Fame Inductee

Kim Fessler (center)
pictured with Jemal Taylor (commissioner) and Allen Cramer (president)

Hall of Fame Inductee with President and Vice President

Wally Hough (center)
pictured with Jemal Taylor (commissioner) and Allen Cramer (president)

Hall of Fame photo

Rudy Tapia (second from left)
pictured with Jemal Taylor (commissioner), Elaine Dean (volleyball), Sue Nadeau (volleyball) and Allen Cramer (president)



Women Volleyball Officials
Working Hard for the CFOA Volleyball Members: Sandy Barnhill, Elaine Dean, Sue Nadeau


Volleyball Officials for the Florida State Tournament

2017 State Finals Volleyball Officials

Officials that are working the 2017 Volleyball State Finals: Jesus Reyes, Tommie Butts, Tom Hopkins, Aubrey Muench


Riley Laughlin

VB Rookie of the year—Riley Laughlin


Top selected players from the 2A Districts.

Top selected players from the 2A Districts


Supporting Cancer Month


Crush Cancer

October 10, 2017 - Central Florida Christian Academy Middle School, Jr. Varsity and Varsity volleyball teams participated in Crush Cancer Night!!

Chuck Bauman, flag football official

Congratulations Chuck Bauman FHSAA Flag Football Official of the year (August 5, 2017)

Gillespie & Tharpe volleyball officials at FHSAA state finals 2017

Officials Julius Tharpe and Sharon Gillespie worked the FHSAA Boys Volleyball State Finals May 5, 2017.


State Finals Basketball Crews

Vanatta, Wright & Robison - state finals officials 2016

Left to right: Gregg Vanatta, Sam Wright and Nathan Robison

Childress, Pike & Dean - state finals referees 2016

Left to right: Carlos Childress, Elaine Dean and Shannon Pike


Brown, Carol and Collier

Left to right: Rodney Brown, Jason Carol and Ed Collier

Fessler, Boyd and Walker

Left to right: Kim Fessler, James Boyd and Chap Walker


Volleyball Training Photos 2015

Volleyball Officials
Volleyball officials work during match.
Volleyball officials work on technique.
Volleyball Officials discuss call
Volleyball officials learn rules



Burger King National Bowl Series Crew

CFOA officials at state championship 2014

Referee: Mitch Fazzio
Umpire: Jemal Taylor
Linesman: A.J. Thomas
Line Judge: Kerry Jackson
Back Judge: Fred Smart
Field Judge: Chris Brown
Side Judge: Tra Blake
ECO: Jim Farrell
25 Sec.: Jason Vinson


2014 #1 Crew 6A Final
12-13-14: Miami Central VS Armwood

6A finals officiating crew

Jerry Prather, Fred Smart, Joe Prather, Jason Carroll, Jemal Taylor, Frank Scaletta, David Hoppey

Officials for 6A finals 2014

David Hoppey, Jemal Taylor, Jason Carroll, Fred Smart, Frank Scaletta, Jerry Prather, Jeff Allebach, Joe Prather

Other photos from this game can be viewed on Drop Box (not guaranteed link will remain open.)

Game Officials
Friday, November 21st, 2014 - Holy Trinity vs Trinity Catholic

Don Trawick

Don Trawick

May 2014 - Longtime official Don Trawick
Elected to the Seminole County Sports Hall of Fame

FHSAA Basketball Finals 2013-14 Season

CFOA officials at the FHSAA finals.

Anthony Hernadez, Frank Reindl and Kevin Bowersox represented the CFOA proudly working the Boys Basketball Tournament in Lakeland.



Dick Pace's Surprise 85th Birthday Party Photos

The photos in this slideshow are from Dick Pace's 85th surprise birthday party hosted by Sid Cash at Tradition's Bank June 2013.

There are 37 photos total. You may view these photos and a few more (larger size) on Shutterfly. Happy Birthday Dick!


Alan Buky Night

Orange Baseball Association hosted an Alan Buky night as part of the 1st Pitch Classic at Lake Mary High School Thursday Feb 7th, 2013. There was a double hitter and the ceremony took place prior to the start of the 7pm game. Lake Mary coach Alan Tuttle provided a BBQ chicken dinner with a portion of the proceeds going to the Buky family as well as the Diabetes Foundation. Orange Baseball Umpires DONATED their time and should be commended. Photos are from the ceremony.


Official Represents CFOA in Historic Game

Krystal A. Pellaniz

Krystle Apellaniz from Oviedo, FL represented the CFOA in the first majority female crew to officiate an SIAC game October 22, 2013.
Read the full story...


Flag Football Crew 2012

2012 1/4 final and semifinal game crew of flag football in Tallahassee

Referee: Jason Carol
Linesman: Joseph Wasco
Line judge: Anthony Kreitzer
Back judge: Kerry Jackson


FHSAA Hall of Fame Inductees from with the Central Florida Officials Association

May 2012

CFOA is proud to be one of the only associations that have 3 members, Prince Pollard, Dick Pace and Don Trawick , in the FHSAA Hall of Fame! Click on each name to read their bios.


2012 FHSAA Basketball Championship in Lakeland


Adkins, Conley and Valentine at the FHSAA Basketball Championship
Adkins, Conley & Valentine


Brown, Campball & Rossi at the FHSAA Basketball Championship
Brown, Campbell & Rossi

Kim, James & Chap at the FHSAA Basketball Championship
Kim, James & Chap


Ponn, Whitlow & Carrol at the FHSAA Basketball Championship
Ponn, Whitlow & Carroll



Boys Basketball 2012 5A Championship Game Crew

Boys Basketball 2012  5A Championship Game Crew


The annual meeting was held on May 14, 2011 at Lyman High School. Photos from this meeting are shown below.

photo photo
photo photo
photo photo
photo photo


Lake Mary Crew of Officials - Photograph

Lake Mary Crew 2011:
Referee - Jeff Deen; Umpire - Dan Heacock; Linesman - Kevin Bowersox
Line Judge - Chuck Baumann; Back Judge - Nick Peterson; Clock - Mike Goodspeed


2010 FHSAA Finals

Flag Football Officials

Congratulations to CFOA Crew #1 for Flag Football as they officiated the 2010 State Championship game between Seminole Ridge and Tampa Alonso. The crew consisted of Jason Carroll (R), Brian Valentine (LJ), Mike Gothelf (BJ), and Alexandra Prano (FJ). This was the 4th state championship game for the CFOA in Flag Football since 2005.

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Four Suspects in Youth Football Brawl
Submitted by Deb Winsor, digital editor, Herald-Tribune




Other Photos:

View several photos and video from the 2011 Beach Weekend.


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