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Previous News Highlights - 2014

Burger King National Bowl Series Crew

CFOA officials at state championship 2014

December 27th Bowl Game Crew

Referee: Mitch Fazzio
Umpire: Jemal Taylor
Linesman: A.J. Thomas
Line Judge: Kerry Jackson
Back Judge: Fred Smart
Field Judge: Chris Brown
Side Judge: Tra Blake
ECO: Jim Farrell
25 Sec.: Jason Vinson

2014 #1 Crew 6A Final
12-13-14: Miami Central VS Armwood

6A finals officiating crew

Jerry Prather, Fred Smart, Joe Prather, Jason Carroll, Jemal Taylor, Frank Scaletta, David Hoppey

Officials for 6A finals 2014

David Hoppey, Jemal Taylor, Jason Carroll, Fred Smart, Frank Scaletta, Jerry Prather, Jeff Allebach, Joe Prather

2014 Finals Assignment 6-A Playoffs

Crew #1 has been assigned the 6-A Final on 12-13-14. The game will be played Saturday afternoon at 1:07 pm at the Citrus Bowl.

Crew #1
R - Frank Scarletta
U - Jemal Taylor
HL - Joe Prather
LJ - Jason Carroll
FJ - David Hoppey
SJ - Fred Smart
BJ - Jerry Prather
ECo - Jeff Allebach

Congratulations and have a great game!

Mitch Fazzio
VP of Football

Playoff Crews and Games for Week Three

Crew #1 - 6-28 - Miami Central @ Heritage (Palm Bay)
R - Frank Scaletta
U - Jemal Taylor
L - Jason Carroll
LJ - Joe Prather
SJ - David Hoppy
FJ - Bob Sivil
BJ - Jerry Prather
ECO - Jeff Allebach

Crew #2 - 6-27 - Mainland (Daytona Beach) @ South Fort Myers
Game SIte:  South Fort Myers

R - Randy Chrastina
U - James Misner
L - Mike Gothelf
LJ - Kevin Bowersox
SJ - Rusty Scarsdale
FJ - Fred Smart
BJ - Nick Peterson
ECO - James Farrell

Crew #3 - 2-13 - North Florida Christian (Tallahassee) @ Victory Christian (Lakeland)
Game Site: Southeastern University

R - Tom Britt
U - Jerome Thompson
L - Chuck Baumann
LJ - A.J. Thomas
SJ - Kerry Jackson
FJ - Mitch Fazzio
BJ - Rich McRae
ECO - Richard Coble

Tackle Football Playoff Crews and Games for Week Two

Week 2 Playoff Assignments 7 Man Crews

Crew 2 - 3A - Trinity Christian @ Trinity Catholic
R  - Randy Chrastina
U - Jim Misner
L  - Mike Gothelf
LJ - Kevin Bowersox
SJ - Rusty Scarsdale
BJ - Nick Peterson
ECO- Jim Farrell

Crew 3 - 4A - Bollls @ Jacksonville Raines
R  - Tom Britt
U  - Jerome Thompson
L   - Chuck Baumann
LJ - AJ Thomas
SJ - Kerry Jackson
FJ - Mitch Fazzio
BJ - Rich McRae
ECO- Richard Coble

Crew 4 - 8A - Vero Beach @ Manatee
R  - Lou Vaeth
U  - Melvin Jones
L  - Zack Hiwiller
LJ - Vu Vu
SJ - Henry Hamm
FJ - Stacy Miller
BJ - Ron Kemball
ECO- David Herndon
25 Sec - Anthony Moore

Crew 5 - 7A - Tampa Bay Tech @ Sickles
R  - Larry Wages
U  - Erskin Callaway
L  - Roy Abood
LJ- Tondrick Robinson
SJ - Glen Hill
FJ - Fred Smart
BJ - Carl Murry

ECO - Bruce Kenworthy

Playoff Crews and Games for Week One Tackle Football

Crew #1 - Apopka @ Oviedo
R Frank Scaletta
U  Jemal Taylor
Jason Carroll
LJ Joe Prather
BJ Jerry Prather
ECO Jeff Allebach
Crew #2 - Timber Creek @ West Orange
R Randy Chrastina
U Jim Misner
L Michael Gothelf
LJ Kevin Bowersox
BJ Nick Peterson
ECO Jim Farrell
Crew #3 - Columbia @ St. Augustine
R Tom Britt
U Jerome Thompson
L Chuck Baumann
LJ A.J. Thomas
BJ Rich McRae
ECO Richard Coble
25 Sec. Fred Smart
Crew #4 - Ida Baker @ Winter Haven
R Lou Vaeth
U Melvin Jones
L Kerry Jackson
LJ Vu Vu
BJ Ron Kimball
ECO David Herndon
Crew #5 - North Marion @ South Sumter
R Rodney Clevenger
U Erskin Callaway
L Roy Abood
LJ Tondrick Robinson
BJ Carl Murry
ECO Bruce Kenworthy
25 sec. Jason Vincent
Crew #6 - Spoto @ Lake Wales
R Larry Wages
U Anthony Moore
L Michael Kelly
LJ Rodney Bryant
BJ Oliver Custead
ECO Jeff Granger
Crew #7 - Auburndale @ Jesuit Tampa
R Jeff Deen
U Wil Nix
L Richard Mayor
LJ Kevin Sanderson
BJ John Meyer
ECO Glenn Hill
Crew #8 - Avon Park @ Cocoa
R Ken Griffin
U Lee Simmons
L Jesse Dutton
LJ Russ Gorman
BJ Dave Hoppy
ECO Rusty Scarsdale

Playoff Games Assigned to the CFOA

The following playoff games have been assigned to the CFOA  for Week 1 by the FHSAA:


8-3 Apopka @ Oviedo Crew #1 Frank Scaletta
8-4 Timber Creek @ West Orange Crew #2 Randy Chrastina
6-4 Cloumbia @ St. Augustine Crew #3 Tom Britt
6-11 Ida Baker @ Winter Haven Crew #4 Lou Vaeth
5-6 North Marion @ South Sumter Crew #5 Rodney Clevenger
5-10 Spoto @ Lake Wales Crew #6 Larry Wages
5-9 Auburndale @ Jesuit Tampa Crew #7 Jeff Deen
4-6 Avon Park @ Cocoa Crew #8 Ken Griffin

Please contact your referee if you are on one of these crews as soon as possible to let him know if you are available. If he has not heard from you by 3 pm today (11-10-14) you will be replaced on the crew.


Volleyball Officials

Montverde Academy Prep Basketball Games

High school rules with the following:  
Black and White shirts (NO FHSAA LOGO)

Classes AA - D:

  1. Games are 32 minutes in length with two 16 minutes halves (OT is 4 minutes).
  2.  A 35-second shot clock is used.  Additionally, we play according the NCAA rule for the shot clock in regards to a kick-ball:  the shot clock does not reset if there is more than 14 seconds remaining, if anything less than 14 seconds remains, the shot clock will be reset to 14 seconds after the kick.
  3. 4 full (60 seconds each) and 2 30-second time-outs are available during regulation play.
  4. During a free throw, the low blocks will not be occupied, and players along the sides of the lane can move on the release of the ball. The shooter and players behind the 3-point arc must hold their positions and may not cross the foul line (or foul line extended) until the ball hits the rim.
  5. The game clock does not stop on made baskets at any time.
  6. There is a 10 second rule for getting the ball over half court.

Mandatory Basketball Meeting

Welcome to the CFOA 2014/2015 Basketball Season! The First Mandatory meeting for this season will be held at Lake Highland Preparatory School – October 20, 2014 - 6:00 to 8:30pm (901 N. HIGHLAND AVENUE ● ORLANDO, FL 32803) If you are unable to attend you must notify Jemal Taylor (

Testing & Video Review

This season we will be utilizing Arbiter for Testing and Video review. There is currently a test available for all basketball officials. Please log into Arbiter and go to the Central to take the test…

Julian Hale

It has been reported that CFOA Official, Julian Hale was in a major car accident last weekend. Please reach out to Julian to let him know that his CFOA family wishes him a speedy recovery.

Thanks and See you Soon!
James Boyd

CFOA Basketball Training Classes

CFOA Basketball Training Classes will be held September 8 - October 22, on Monday nights from 5:30 until 10:00pm. The last class will be on 10/22/14.

The location is Lake Highland Preparatory School, 901 Highland Ave, Orlando, FL 32803, in the gym and/or cafeteria.

If you would like to pick up your rule books, please do so between 6:00 – 8:00 to limit the class distractions.

Recommendations for State Finals Volleyball

The following officials have been recommended for State Finals:

  • Julie Andrew
  • Sandy Barnhill
  • Elaine Dean
  • Vicki Jensen
  • Walt Kornatowski
  • Kent Lowe
  • James Lyon
  • Mary McCann
  • Sue Nadeau
  • Karen Seifer
  • Julius Tharpe
  • Jason Wolford

Key Volleyball Dates & Guidebook

Key dates for volleyball include:
Inital Deadline - 8/5/14
Late Deadline - 9/8/14

75 Questions 50 minutes
Initial 8/6 - 8/15
Make up 9/2 -9/8

Click to view or download the volleyball specific excerpts from the FHSAA 2014-2015 Officials' Guidebook (PDF).

Lizzierene Dowdell

Please remember the passing of Chap Walker's sister, Lizzierene Dowdell. Services will be held Saturday, August 9th at 11 am at The Macedonia Church, 412 East Kennedy Blvd., Eatonville.

Annual Meeting

The first annual meeting for CFOA Volleyball will be held August 24, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. at St. James Cathedral School. All interested Volleyball Officials are encouraged to attend.

Field Clinic & Pre-season Tournaments

We have a very busy August coming up. Put these dates on your calendar:

  • Aug. 8-9, Field Clinic at Trinity Prep
  • Aug 15-16, Heritage Christian Pre-season tourney (extra training)
  • Aug. 22-23, Brush Arbor pre-season tourney
  • Aug. 24, annual meeting at St. James Cathedral School

On Court Training Sessions

Just a reminder that we have only a few "on court" training sessions left. For returning veterans, not attending these, we assume you will be attending the Field Clinic Aug. 8 & 9, Heritage, Brush Arbor and other jamborees and classics.

  • 6/19- Southland
  • 6/24- Southland
  • 6/25 - Margaret Mary
  • 6/26- Southland

Rulebook Sessions

Our summer training of new officials and now returning officials continues. Our last two nights of rulebook sessions are this week (June 24-26, 2014) at Southland Christian in Kissimmee (2440 Fortune Rd.). These run from 6:00-7:30. The following are on the court sessions. All are encouraged to attend. We need veterans to come and help with our new officials.

Trinity Prep: 6/4, 6/11, 6/18 and 6/25 from 6:00 - 8:00. We have two boys teams playing.

Southland Christian: 6/10,6/12,6/17, 6/19, 6/24, 6/26. Slower paced. Girls teams playing.

Looking forward to see all of you.

- Sue

2014 CFOA Football Important Dates:

June 7, 2014 
FHSAA 2014-2015 Registration Deadlines Football (Registration is now open at
Initial Deadline - August 5
Last day to register (late registration) – September 10

August 8 & 9, 2014
CFOA Mike Goodspeed Family Weekend
Where: Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront Hotel

August 11 - 20
2014 – 2015 Exam Schedule Football
75 minutes – 50 questions

September 4 - 10
Make-up Exam
75 minutes – 50 questions

Tackle Football Training

To: CFOA Football Members and those interested in becoming a Football Official

Subject:  New officials, Veteran officials and Referee Training Classes

Location: Lake Highland Preparatory School
901 Highland Ave., Orlando, FL32803

New Officials Training (Mondays & Thursdays)
The training classes for our new officials and those returning officials with 3 or less years of experience will start the first Monday of June and will have classes every Monday and Thursday through August 4th. The cost of the class is $30 to the new officials who were not members of the CFOA in 2013. The fee must be paid by the June 16th, 2014 to continue the new officials training classes and the fee is non-refundable.

Veteran Officials Training (Wednesdays)
Training for our veteran officials and referees will start the first Wednesday in July and will be each Wednesday through the month of July.  

Dates: June, July and August
Class times:  6pm to 8pm

June 2014
Mondays:   2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th - New official training
Thursdays: 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th - New Official Training

July 2014
Class Times: 6 to 8pm for both new, veteran officials and referees
Mondays: 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th - New Official Training
Wednesdays: 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th - Veterans and Referee Training
Thursdays: 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st - New Official Training

August 2014
Monday: 4th - New official Training last class.

This year the new, veteran and referees classes we will spend about 30 to 40 minutes in the classroom reviewing rules and mechanics. The remaining time will be spent on the football field doing drills and working on 5 and 7 man mechanics. We need to get on the same page with our mechanics and consistent in our administration of games. There will be running and various drills addressing the particular movements required at each position for both the new and veteran officials. Please come dressed to participate in the field activities.  I know it is early but now is the time to start getting ready for the season.


Mitch Fazzio
VP of Football, CFOA

CFOA Football Recommendation Committee Guidelines

The CFOA football recommendation committee guidelines have been posted. Click to read the web page, or download the PDF.

CFOA-Mike Goodspeed Family Weekend Update

Hilton Cocoa Beach

Deadline Approaching:
Last day for reserving rooms at the Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront Hotel at the special rate: 7/18

Make your reservations now and take advantage of the special rates for our Beach Weekend. Parking and internet is free for CFOA members. This is a required meeting. If you are unable to attend you must contact the Commissioner of the CFOA, Jemal Taylor, and let him know why you cannot attend.

Guest Speaker Announced:
Our Guest Speaker Friday night is Greg Lefils Sr. Greg was a long time member of the CFOA and served as our President and Treasurer for several years. Greg is also a member of our Hall of Fame. Greg has worked Division I football for several years as a linesman.
The Awards, Plaques and Certificates, will be given out Friday night of the Beach Weekend.

Bingo Prizes Still Needed:
Bingo, we are in need of prizes. Contact Andy Powell or myself or you can bring them by Lake Highland Prep during the training classes.

There are only a few spots open for golf so call Frank Scaletta to sign-up.
Honig’s will be at Lake Highland Prep on Thursday, July 17th from 6 – 7:30 pm. He will also be at the Hilton Friday night at the Beach Weekend.


CFOA Mike Goodspeed Family Weekend Bingo


A long tradition of the Beach Weekend has been the annual Bingo for the kids and the kids at heart. This year Andy Powell has agreed to head up the Bingo to keep this tradition alive in memory of Mike, his family and the CFOA.

We are in need of prizes for the Bingo; none are too small or too big. Please contact Andy Powell or Mitch Fazzio to drop off prizes or gift cards. You can also drop off the donations at the new officials or veteran officials training classes held every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at Lake Highland Prep.

This year’s Mike Goodspeed Family Weekend offers activities for the whole family at a great hotel. Make your hotel reservations now and enjoy a weekend with your family and your CFOA family.

Mitch Fazzio
VP of Football, CFOA

CFOA Annual Meeting & Elections

CFOA Annual Meeting & Elections were held Sunday, May 18th at 2:00pm at Lyman High School.

The following members were elected to the CFOA Board of Directors:

The CFOA Constitution and By-Laws were amended and approved by vote of the membership and can be reviewed here.

Annual Business Meeting

The annual business meeting of the Central Florida Officials Association will be held on Sunday, May 18, 2014, at 2:00 PM, in the Lyman High School Cafeteria, in Longwood, Florida. Registration and lunch will begin at 1:00 PM.  This meeting will be for members only.

The meeting agenda will include CFOA business matters; FHSAA news; year end report on the 2013-2014 football, basketball, and flag football seasons; membership approval to change the By-Laws to permit other sport disciplines to join the CFOA, approval of the 2014-2015 budget and election of officers for 2014-2015.

The By-Laws & Constitution Review Committee will be on hand beginning at 1:00 PM to review the recommended amendments and answer any questions from members.

By-Laws & Constitution Proposed Amendments
Following are the proposed amendments to the By-Laws and Constitution (two files each – one with changes shown, one as final proposed document):
1) Constitution (Changes)
2) Constitution (Final proposed)
3) By-Laws (Changes)
4) By-Laws (Final proposed)

The nominating committee met, reviewed and submitted the following names seeking office for the Executive Board positions to be elected by the general membership. Names of CFOA members seeking Executive Board positions identified as sport specific shall be elected only by members registered in that sport and in good standing for the previous season.


President Allen Cramer Gary Washam
Commissioner Al Garza Jemal Taylor
Secretary Jeff Deen Roland Taylor
Treasurer Andy Powell Greg Vanatta
VP for Football* Mitch Fazzio Rob Price
VP for Basketball* James Boyd  
VP for Flag Football* No candidate  
Assignment Officer Football* Brett Dunn Don Trawick
Assignment Officer Basketball* Kim Fessler  
Assignment Officer Flag Football* Brett Dunn Don Trawick
At Large Member Football* Tom Britt Melvin Jones
At Large Member Basketball* Elaine Dean  
At Large Member Flag Football* Chuck Baumann David Herndon

(*) Sport Specific position.

Please plan to attend this annual business meeting.

Roland Taylor, CFOA Secretary

Central Florida Officials Association Hall of FameCFOA -- 2014 Hall of Fame Banquet -- April 26th

The CFOA Hall of Fame Banquet was held on April 26th at the Altamonte Springs Hilton Hotel at 5:00 pm. The cost was just $20 per person for our free happy hour and multi-course buffet.

Many members and guests celebrated and congratulated Sam Momary, Willie Bateman, Randy Chrastina, Larry LaBelle and Greg Anderson into the Hall of Fame class of 2014.

2013/14 Basketball Playoff Crews
Girls Playoff Crews
Crew Position First Name Last Name
1 R Crystal Ford
1 U1 Steve Carter
1 U2 Gladys Hightower
2 R Elaine Dean
2 U1 Jessica Vannatta
2 U2 Jerome Hightower
3 R Xiomara Cruz
3 U1 Mark Rossi
3 U2 David Shelton
4 R Horace Cannady
4 U1 Chap Walker
4 U2 Kim Fessler
5 R Greg Vannatta
5 U1 Terrance James
5 U2 Trish Duncan
6 R James Lyon
6 U1 Willie Bateman
6 U2 Delores Conley
7 R Sanni Olimpo
7 U1 Tony Tolbert
7 U2 Nick Sears
8 R Frank Reindl
8 U1 Patricia Sanchez
8 U2 Jesus Reyes
9 R Allan Whitlow
9 U1 Julian Hale
9 U2 Chris Datres
10 R Carlos Childress
10 U1 Dan Croom
10 U2 Louie Patterson



Boys Playoff Crews
Crew Position First Name Last Name
1 R Sylvester Woodley
1 U1 Jacob Gainey
1 U2 Carlton Burke
2 R Gino Smith
2 U1 James Connor
2 U2 Tra Blake
3 R Tony Brackins
3 U1 Nathan Robinson
3 U2 David White
4 R Rodney Brown
4 U1 Felix Martinez
4 U2 Ed Collier
5 R Jeff Pon
5 U1 Jason Carroll
5 U2 Ian Ross
6 R Ray Lewis
6 U1 Ron Daniels
6 U2 Joe Waesco
7 R Mike Koller
7 U1 John Adkins
7 U2 Tom Campbell
8 R James Boyd
8 U1 Jim Misner
8 U2 Brian Valentine
9 R Tony Hernandez
9 U1 Kevin Bowersox
9 U2 Kent Mullens
10 R Jim Mills
10 U1 Major Garvin
10 U2 Al Williams


CFOA 2012/2013 Season Policies Reminder - Basketball

Referees (Crew Chiefs) are to contact partners at least 48 hours prior to game date. If contact has not been made, the umpires should contact the referee. Having less than a full crew is totally unacceptable. If crew is not verified within 24 hours of game date call the CFOA office. Exceptions are only made for fill in assignments. Once you are filled in, it is your responsibility to notify Crew Chief IMMEDIATLEY.

You are allowed 3 turn backs for the season. After 3, you will be charged $10 per occurrence. Keep your scratch dates current in The Arbiter and this problem will be avoided.

Plan to be at the game site at least 45 minutes prior to start time.

You are a representative of the CFOA and an extension of the schools we service when you arrive at the game site. If you do not arrive dressed in the appropriate uniform, you should arrive in respectable clothing. Dress should be professional and in good taste.

In the case of only 2 officials at tip-off, contact the office before moving a JV official up to the Varsity game. If a contact with the office cannot be made, and a qualified JV official is available, the Crew Chief can make the decision on whom to add to the crew.

The Referee (Crew Chief) is to submit the Referee (Crew Chief) Game Report within 36 hours upon completion of the game. Any extreme atypical situation, i.e., fight, ejection, etc., should follow the FHSAA protocol for such.

Officials Basketball Training

Mitch and Mark are doing a combined camp with plenty of chances to learn and be seen by assignors. For more information, visit the College Officials Camp web site.

FHSAA Basketball Finals

Anthony Hernadez, Frank Reindl and Kevin Bowersox represented the CFOA proudly working the Boys Basketball Tournament in Lakeland.


CFOA officials at the FHSAA finals.

Rick Corley

Rick Corley's father passed away Thursday, February 21. A memorial service will be held at 1:00 PM on Thursday, February 27, at Asbury United Methodist Church, 220 West Horatio Avenue, Maitland 32751.

In lieu of flowers the family is requesting a donation be made to "Make A Wish Foundation” or "Asbury United Methodist Church." The church will use any donation to help support his father's favorite church organizations.

DeLand Honors Coach John Zeoli

By Joshua C. Cruey
Orlando Sentinel

John Zeoli
12:42 PM EST, February 3, 2014

The end of an era is coming to DeLand High School as John Zeoli, the boys basketball coach exits the program to start retirement after entering the Deferred Retirement Option Program several years ago.

Zeoli, in his 36th season, holds the area record for most wins at one school with a 578-320 record. In honor of Coach Zeoli's last home game, fans, faculty and alumni packed the gymnasium wearing Coach Z T-shirts which were sold for $3 each in advance. Before the start of the game Zeoli was honored with a certificate of recognition and a key to the city by DeLand mayor Robert F. Apgar.

As a fitting close to the night the bulldogs delivered a 58-42 victory of the Pine Ridge Panthers to give coach Zeoli his 578th win.

Memorial for Mike Goodspeed

Date: February 8, 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 10 am
Location: Lyman High School Auditorium, 865 S. Ronald Regan Blvd, Longwood, FL 32750

The family of Mike Goodspeed has asked that you join them for a memorial service in his honor at Lyman High School. Besides his love for his family, Mike loved the CFOA and devoted many hours of his time to make our association the best it could be. To honor Mike's love of family and the CFOA, his family has asked that you dress casually, no suits or ties. If you are or were a member of the CFOA, please wear a CFOA jacket or shirt to the memorial. If it's a Beach Weekend Tee shirt, that's ok. Members of the CFOA Hall of Fame are asked to wear their Hall of Fame jackets. Those attending who are not members of the CFOA please wear your officials' association or league's shirt or jacket.

In lieu of sending flowers, the family has asked that if you want to make a donation please make it to one of the following charities in Mike's name: Kids House of Seminole or The Russell House for Atypical Children. Mike always had a soft heart for children with disabilities and for children who were in danger.

Mitch Fazzio
VP of Football, CFOA

Memorial for Mike

Someone once said that "The best officials are the ones that are never noticed." Today many people celebrated a mans life that was never noticed on the field as an official but his presence there was bigger than life. Mike Goodspeed had a calming affect on a violent sport. He will be missed.

As I looked at the photos, letters, and articles today lining the Lyman auditorium I could only smile. Mike had that effect on people. His smile and attitude made you feel good. When I would see Mike was officiating one of our games I knew I didn't have to worry about anything happening on the field and my full attention could devoted to the fan experience.

Officiating is a thankless job. Seminole High along with the schools of Seminole County would like to thank the members of the CFOA for your professionalism and dedication to high school and youth sports. We express our deepest sympathy to the family and the membership of the Central Florida Officials Assn. Mike Goodspeed made a difference.

As I would smile each time I saw Mike walk through the gates at Seminole High I know God smiled that same smile when he walked through the gates of Heaven.

Mike Powers
Athletic Director
Seminole High School


2014 Girls Flag Football Meeting

Saturday February 1, 2014 at UCF Recreation and Wellness Center room #206.  Park in parking garage B across street from Wellness Center.

11:00 AM Registration
11:30 Lunch
12:00 Classroom Meeting
Guest Natale Strappy and Gary Piggott FHSAA
2:00 Field Scrimmage

Dress will be black shorts, stripe shirt patch is ok, black shoes, flags, whistles ect…

Girls Flag Football rules exams
2/4/14 to 2/13/14  50 questions 75 min to take exam

Make up
2/26/14 to 3/4/14  50 questions 75 min to take exam

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