May 2012

I would like to take this time to announce that I will not be seeking re-election. After 5 years I believe it is "time to pass the torch". I know you all are sick of me saying "things are not the same anymore" but I also believe all of us know that to be true. I hope I was effective in leading us through some of those changes.When I joined 16 years ago I NEVER dreamed I would be President of the CFOA someday. That you have that kind of confidence in me has never been forgotten. Thank You.

I want to publicly thank the board members that served with me during my tenure. I know I am headstrong and often too blunt but you all worked hard and allowed me to try. I will always cherish your counsel and friendship. At the risk of offending some I would like to especially thank Prince Pollard, Cary Fields, Mike Goodspeed , Mitch Fazzio and Roland Taylor.

Prince your quiet advice and encouragement was a treasure to me. No one loves the CFOA more than you. From the moment you left the board I missed you. Thank you for all of your help.

Cary, you were my friend before I was president and I hope you are my friend now. The CFOA is you. People should know how much you care about all of it. You downplay it a lot sometimes but your genuine concern for the members is something no one could possibly know.

Mike, during my time you were the one I could count on to tell me the truth without having any motive other than to make sure we did things in the best interest of the CFOA. Many times I knew if you were ok with things then I was on the right track.

Mitch, you are a man of ideas. There was never anything that I asked you to do that you didn't accomplish far beyond what anyone expected. I especially appreciate your confidence the last few months.

Roland, I would not be here without you. Its that simple and I love you.

Plenty of people work really hard to make this association what it is and I have cherished the opportunity to be the President of an organization so rich in tradition and so full of desire to be excellent.

So to all of you who care about this thing of ours... you all have made this a very special time for me ALL OF OUR MEMBERS... I SAY THANK YOU!!! IT HAS BEEN MY PRIVILEGE AND AN ABSOLUTE HONOR TO BE YOUR PRESIDENT.

Now its time for fresh ideas and a new perspective .....I hope you all have been mostly pleased with AND proud of the CFOA during my term but its someone else's turn now.

Good Luck to those interested ...its a hard job....but its a great spot to be in....

Thank you all again I can never repay what you all have given me...

Jeff Deen

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