Online Interactive Rules Test #2:


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1. Any player in the free blocking zone at the time of the snap, may block below the waist.

2. It is an illegal use of hands penalty for a runner to grasp a teammate.

3. The pylons that identify the goal lines are considered to be inbounds if contacted by the ball or a runner in possession of the ball, during a scoring attempt.

4. During an illegal forward pass, eligibility restrictions do not apply.

5. Charged team time outs may be reduced in time if both teams are ready to play before the ready for play signal.

6. If a kick becomes dead in R’s end zone, with no player in possession, it is always a safety or touchback.

7. The line of scrimmage for each team is determined when the ball is marked ready for play.

8. If B1 tackles A1, who is obviously not the runner, it is considered defensive holding.

9. If a penalty resulting in a safety occurs during the last timed down of a period, the period is extended.

10. A backward pass in flight may be batted in any direction by all eligible receivers to prevent an opponent from catching the ball.

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