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1. A kicking tee shall be made of pliable material which elevates the lowest point of the ball no more than 2 inches above the ground.

2. A place kick or a drop kick shall be used for a kickoff.

3. The snapper may be over the ball but his feet and hand(s) must be behind the neutral zone, and no part of his person may be beyond the foremost point of the ball..

4. A period must be extended by an untimed down if during the last timed down of the period there was a foul that requires a penalty and loss of down.

5. If the penalty for an illegal pass that is not caught is accepted, the measurement is from the previous spot.

6. If a free kick is kicked out of bounds between the goal lines untouched inbounds by R, R may accept the penalty and put the ball in play at the inbounds spot.

7. A kick is the intentional striking of the ball with the knee, lower leg, or foot.

8. The home team is responsible for avoidance of similarity of colors, but if there is doubt, the referee may players of the home team to change jerseys.

9. When a scrimmage down ends with the ball in the field of play, or out of bounds between the goal lines, a new series is awarded to A, if the ball belongs to A on or beyond the line to gain.

10. An official’s time out occurs and the player shall be replaced for at least one down when the helmet comes completely off during the down without being directly attributable to a foul buy an opponent.


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