Online MECHANICS Test #4:

Mechanics Test

1. If there is a piece of white tape on the chains when you arrive at the game site, it is unnecessary to measure the chains for the correct length.

2. It is necessary to have a pregame discussion with the chain crew even if late arriving members cause the start of the game to be delayed.

3. When forward progress is near the line to gain, the line judge should tell the referee that a measurement is required.

4. The linesman is required to indicate a spot on, or outside, the sideline where the down box is to be placed for every first down.

5. Setting the down box at the spot of the front stake when a measurement is going to be made, gives the linesman an accurate point of reference should the clip come off or the chain gets detached from the stake.

6. If, during a measurement, the referee is detained by a coach for a rule interpretation of the last play, the umpire is permitted to rule on the measurement.

7. If during a measurement the field is wet or in poor condition, the ball may be moved to a more suitable spot for a more accurate measurement.

8. It is recommended that the clip be placed at the backside of the line going in the direction of the team in possession of the ball.

Once you click "submit" your answers will be recorded on a page which can be printed and brought to the next class. Answers will be reviewed and discussed in class.

If you do not want to take this test online, but want to print it out, download the PDF of Football Mechanics Exam #4. Please note: The PDF is not a fillable form; it can only be printed.


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