Online MECHANICS Test #2:

Linesman/Line Judge Test

1. Counting the defense is optional if no substitutions are noticed.

2. When a play develops in a direction away from you, forward progress is still your responsibility.

3. Relaying the ball to the umpire should be an overhand toss when the umpire is located more than 10 yards away.

4. Out-of-bounds plays require you to mark the spot; sound your whistle, and watch the players out of bounds.

5. Because he has the responsibility for the down box, the linesman is always the final authority for determining the number of the next down.

6. The extended arm signal or thrust indicates all players in the backfield are positioned in a legal formation.

7. The linesman and line judge each count the three offensive linemen on their respective side of the ball and the umpire confirms the snapper and indicates a total of seven on the line of scrimmage.

8. The required position mechanics before the snap is for the linesman and line judge to straddle the neutral zone. The primary reason is so they have a clear view and can signal each other if necessary to communicate before the snap.

9. Dead ball fouls in your side zone can only happen after you sound your whistle.

10. When the ball comes to your side of the field, sound whistle when ball becomes dead and move to the spot of the ball.

Once you click "submit" your answers will be recorded on a page which can be printed and brought to the next class. Answers will be reviewed and discussed in class.


If you do not want to take this test online, but want to print it out, download the PDF of Football Mechanics Exam #2. Please note: The PDF is not a fillable form; it can only be printed.


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