Online MECHANICS Test #1:



1. Officials should arrive how many minutes before the site of the game?

Your answer:

2. For the coin toss what sides of the field will the umpire enter from, and on what yard line?

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3. Where will the umpire line up for a 4 person kickoff?

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4. What is the #1 concern for officials during a contest?

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5. What is the recommended numbering for offensive linemen?

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6. Is the Referee the final authority for legality of equipment?

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7. What is double stakes?

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8. When measuring for First down using line-to-gain equipment, what are your responsibilities as the umpire?

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Once you click "submit" your answers will be recorded on a page which can be printed and brought to the next class. Answers will be reviewed and discussed in class.

If you do not want to take this test online, but want to print it out, download the PDF of Football Exam #2. Please note: The PDF is not a fillable form; it can only be printed.


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