Football Foul Codes

High School Fouls - Codes - Lettering

Foul Name Foul Code  
Blocking below the waist Signal 40 BBW
Chop block Signal 41 CHP
Clipping Signal 39 CLP
Delay of game Signal 21 DOG
Encroachment Signal 19 ENC
Face mask Signal 45 FMM
Failure to wear required equipment Signal 23 FWQ
False start Signal 19 FST
Grasping the helmet opening Signal 45 FMM
Helping the runner Signal 44 HR
Holding Signal 42 DH - OH
Illegal batting Signal 31 BAT
Illegal block Signal 40 IBW
Illegal block in the back Signal 43 IBB
Illegal formation Signal 19 ILF
Illegal forward handing of the ball Signal 35 IFP
Illegal helmet contact Signal 24 IHC
Illegal kicking Signal 31 KIK
Illegal motion Signal 20 ILM
Illegal participation Signal 28 ILP
Illegal pass Signal 35 IFP
Illegal shift Signal 20 IS
Illegal use of hands Signal 42 ILH-F - ILH-O
Ineligible player downfield Signal 37 IDP
Intentional grounding Signal 36 IFP-YT
Interlocked blocking Signal 44 ILB
Kick-catching interference Signal 33 KCI
Offside Signal 18 DOF - KOF
Pass interference Signal 33 DPI - OPI
Personal foul Signal 38 PF
Player disqualification Signal 47 DSQ
Roughing the kicker or holder Signal 30 RPK
Roughing the passer Signal 34 RPS
Running into the kicker or holder Signal 30 RNK
Sideline interference Signal 29 GAI
Sideline warning Signal 15 GAI
Substitution infraction Signal 22 ILS
Tripping Signal 46 TRP
Unsportsmanlike conduct Signal 27 UNS
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