The administrative staff of the Central Florida Officials Association (CFOA) has names, addresses and information referenced in this contract that are important to the communication between the CFOA and yourself. Those names, addresses, and telephone numbers are highlighted in bold print for your convenience. In addition we have offered an option of a three (3) year contract or auto renew which we believe will benefit all parties.

If you have questions on the interpretation of what is covered in this contract, please contact me (CFOA President Allen Cramer) at: - Any errors in listing the sports we cover for your school athletic programs should be sent to us immediately so we can adjust the scheduling for that sport season.

Please review, sign, and return the signature page by submitting it online BELOW (preferred). You may also print, sign and return the signature page by FAX / Scan, Email or mail as outlined in the contract by downloading a copy. Return the contract as soon as possible.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck with your school’s athletic programs this coming season, and if I can be of any assistance please contact me.

Allen Cramer
President CFOA



Contract for Athletic Contest Officials


Pursuant to the request for contest officials by (School or County), the Central Florida Officials Association (CFOA), has agreed to assign registered Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) officials for your High School sanctioned athletic games, wherever played. The CFOA agrees to assign FHSAA registered/Jessica Lunsford Act approved officials under the terms of this contract, plus the CFOA Constitution, Bylaws, and Operations and Finance Policy located at its website. It shall be understood the assigned officials are INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS and not employees of the CFOA, FHSAA, Assignment Officers, nor do they represent any school.

This contract is inclusive of Football, Girls Flag Football, Volleyball, and Basketball. This contract shall remain in effect for as many seasons as selected.


  1. Fees charged to the school for each official assigned to VARSITY and NON-VARSITY contests shall be in accordance with the FHSAA Officials Online Guidebook.
  2. Before the start of each school year, each school shall receive by mail invoices for Assignment Officer, Lump-sum Check Preparation, and Lump-sum Officials Game and Travel Fees for each sport covered by this contract.
    a. For high schools which do not utilize the Lump-sum Check Preparation method of paying officials, a game management representative shall provide the officials with the paper work necessary to assure the officials receive their game and travel fees by cash or check at the game site.
  3. The CFOA Treasurer shall always be the first and primary person with whom to communicate regarding fees. Please refer to the CFOA website Board/Committee Page for all of the current CFOA Officers’ names, phone numbers and email addresses. If you are not a member, a user name and password can be provided upon request by sending an email to


1.   Each school shall furnish the CFOA Assignment Officers a schedule of all its games, game sites, and starting times for each sport at least 60 days prior to the start of the season.

2.   Football Schedules are to be mailed to:

Don Trawick

3.   Basketball Schedules are to be mailed to:

Kim Fessler

4. Volleyball Schedules are to be mailed to:

Sandy Barnhill

5. Girls Flag Football Schedules are to be mailed to:

Don Trawick

6. In addition, a copy of each schedule should be mailed to the CFOA at:

Central Florida Officials Association
13750 West Colonial Drive, Suite 350 #406
Winter Garden, Florida 34787

7. Home games shall include all Pre-Season Classics or Jamborees, Regular Season, Holiday Tournaments, or Shootouts, Post Season Bowls and District Tournaments, plus home games at a neutral site such as Government or Professional Team Facilities, Disney’s Wide World of Sports, College Stadiums and Arenas, or the Citrus Bowl Camping World Stadium. 

8. FHSAA tournament playoff games played at each host school are assigned officials by the FHSAA.

9. The CFOA Assignment Officer shall have the sole responsibility for assigning officials in accordance with the FHSAA Officials Guidebook plus CFOA Constitution, Bylaws, and Operations and Finance Policy. CFOA Assignment Officers shall rule on any circumstances concerning assignment of officials not specifically covered in this contract.


  1. Each school shall notify the respective CFOA Assignment Officer of any change in its schedule, prior to the scheduled game day. If a game is canceled or postponed, the school shall notify the CFOA Assign­ment Officer of the cancellation not less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled game time. Sufficient time to permit notification of the officials should be considered.
  2. If a game in progress is suspended because of an unforeseen event, and the game is continued from the point of suspension on a different date, the CFOA Assignment Officer shall make every effort to have the same crew complete the game.  If it is not possible to return the same crew or crew members, the new crew or any new crew members returning to complete the game shall be paid the full mileage fee.
  3. If an official fails to appear for a game, the school should notify the CFOA Assignment Officer so appropriate action can be taken.


  1. Each school’s Athletic Director will be provided a CFOA Sign-on and Password to access the CFOA’s account for Internet Arbiter Software Official Rosters and Game Listings with Officials assigned. Each school’s Athletic Director Arbiter Sign-on and Password is good for all future years. For assistance, please email the CFOA Arbiter Software Quality Control Personnel.
  2. Each school’s Athletic Director agrees to review their school’s Arbiter Game Listing for each sport on a weekly basis, at a minimum, to insure that all games are listed accurately and have officials assigned. If the Athletic Director determines any errors, they are to contact the respective Assignment Officer, plus contact the CFOA Arbiter immediately.
  3. Contracts shall be signed by the County Athletic Director or Principal of the school, or any other school official he/she may designate. You may submit the contract by filling out the form below and submitting it online. Otherwise, return the signed page by FAX to 407-699-5814; or scan and send to:; or mail to the CFOA at the following address prior to the start of the season:

    Central Florida Officials Association
    13750 West Colonial Drive
    Suite 350 #406
    Winter Garden, Florida 34787


  1. The CFOA will have all game officials at the game site, in sufficient time to perform pre-game duties and start the contest in accordance with FHSAA regulations.
  2. The school shall provide an adequate dressing area for the officials, in accordance with the FHSAA Officials Guidebook.
  3. The school shall provide a competent timekeeper and scorer for basketball, and a chain crew for football, for each contest.
  4. The school shall provide secure parking and personal protection for the contest officials; plus fan crowd control with school employee administrators and/or law enforcement.
  5. CFOA Evaluators of game officials will be allowed free admission upon presentation of FHSAA or CFOA credentials.


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