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If you would like to become a CFOA Basketball Official, please read our Recruit Registration information. We look forward to having you on our team!

Basketball Members News

A user name and password is now required to view the Basketball Members News page. Members will be contacted with a user name and password. If you are a member and cannot log in, request a user name and password by sending an email to vpbasketball@cfoa.com.


Rule Clarification

FHSAA Basketball Officials clarification on NFHS Rules 3-5-3b and 3-5-3c (sleeve, tights, compression shorts colors) has been posted. Members, please read the Basketball Members News page.

Referee's Pregame Conference

A list of what must be covered (at a minimum) at the Referee's Pregame Conference has been posted. Members, please review this information on the Basketball Members News page.


Kickoff Referee Agenda for November 9

Members, please see the agenda on the Basketball Members News page.


CFOA Basketball Training & Classes

The CFOA Training Meeting and Classes are complete and the season has begun. To read past announcements, please see the Basketball Members News page.


John Thomas - CFOA Basketball Official


Tony, Frank & Kevin


News and Announcements for Members

Members, please read other news and announcements on the Basketball Membership page.

Basketball Members News

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CFOA President:
Allen Cramer

Vice President - Basketball:
Carlos Childress

Assignment Officer - Basketball:
Kim Fessler

At Large Director - Basketball:
Chuck Pula

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