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Notice:  To all CFOA officials, due to the changes made by the FHSAA, the meeting on November 4th has been changed.  We have combined our meeting and field clinic together.
Date: November 11, 2017
Site: Lake Highland Prep High School cafeteria
901 N. Highland Ave.
Orlando Fl.
Registration: 7:30-8:30 continental breakfast, meeting will start at 9:00 am.
The meeting and the field clinic will start at the same time.  Basketball games will be played, officials will be assigned to work them. All officials bring uniform in order to be evaluated.
We will be using two gyms, the boys will play games at Lake Highland Prep High and the girls games will be played at Lake Highland Prep Middle school at 741 N. Mills Ave. Orlando Fl.




CFOA Training Class begins Monday, September 18th at Oviedo High School,  601 King St., Oviedo, FL. 

Classes will be held every Monday and Wednesday through Oct. 25th from 6-9pm. Classes will include rules knowledge as well as on-court training and film review. 

This class is mandatory for all new and transfer officials as well as all 1-3 year officials. 

A veterans class will be running in conjunction with the training class. The veterans class is highly recommended for all 3-5 year officials who are looking to strengthen their varsity schedule as well as ALL officials who would like to have a refresher in 3-person coverage and mechanics. This class is a great opportunity to prepare for the season, especially in a rules change year. 

The cost for the Training Class is $40 to be paid at registration. The cost for the Veterans Class is $25 to be paid at registration. 

If you have any questions please contact Basketball VP, Horace Cannady - horaceboob@aol.com or Basketball Chair of Education, Xiomara Cruz - ballxc10@aol.com


2017 Basketball Training, and General Meeting Dates

Basketball Training Dates:
Oviedo High School - 601 King St., Oviedo, FL - New Gymnasium; 6:00 PM

  • Wed. Sept. 6
  • Mon. Sept. 11
  • Wed. Sept. 13
  • Mon. Sept. 18
  • Wed. Sept. 20
  • Mon. Sept. 25
  • Wed. Sept. 27
  • Mon. Oct. 2
  • Wed. Oct. 4
  • Mon. Oct. 9
  • Wed. Oct. 11
  • Mon. Oct. 16
  • Wed. Oct. 18
  • Mon. Oct. 23
  • Wed. Oct 25

All officials with one and two years of CFOA experience must attend. The classroom and court training is open to all veteran CFOA basketball officials wanting to improve rules knowledge and mechanics skills.

Annual Pre-season Meeting:

St. Mark AME Church – 1968 Bruton Blvd., Orlando, FL
Saturday, November 4
Registration – 8 – 9 AM.

Mandatory attendance at this meeting is required for all CFOA basketball officials. Meeting agenda will include rules and mechanics discussions, lunch and guest speaker.


The CFOA Basketball Uniform is as follows:

Gray shirt with black striping (FHSAA patch on left sleeve, American Flag on back, top center)
Black Pants (No belts or belt loops)
Black socks (crew length, mid-thigh)
Black shoes
Black CFOA Jacket (Purchase Officials Supplies, Inc.)

Basketball Uniform

Tony, Frank & Kevin


2017-2018 NFHS Basketball Rules Changes

1-13-2: The coaching box shall be outlined outside the side of the court on which the scorer's and timer's table and team benches are located. The area shall be bounded by a line drawn 28 feet from the end line towards the Division line. At this point a line drawn from the sideline toward the team bench becomes the end of the coaching box going towards the end line.

Note: State Associations may alter the length and placement of the 28 foot (maximum) coaching box.

Effective Immediately. Tape may be used to extend the 14-foot line to 28 feet.

Rationale: The restriction of the coaching box penalizes the level of communication between coach and player. Allowing a coach freedom to move within the new box between the 28’ mark and the end line provides a coach more access to coach his/her players.

2-9-1: When a foul occurs, an official shall signal the timer to stop the clock. The official shall verbally inform the offender, then with finger(s) of two hands, indicate to the scorer the number of the offender and the number of free throws.

Rationale: To minimize foul reporting errors, that occur between the officials and the scorekeepers when the information gets lost in the translation. Two handed reporting is easier for the scorekeepers to see and comprehend in addition to being less confusing.

3-4-1d: There are no color/design restrictions in the area of the team jersey from the imaginary line at the base of the neckline to the top of the shoulder and in the corresponding area on the back of the jersey. There are restrictions on what identifying names may be placed in this area (see Article 3-4-4).

Rationale: Provide guidance on the forthcoming restrictions for this area of the jersey.

3-4-4: Identifying name(s) shall adhere to the following:

a. If used, lettering with school name, school’s nickname, school logo, player’s nameand /or abbreviation of the official school name shall be placed horizontally on the jersey.
b. The panel in the shoulder area of the jersey on the back may be used for placing an identifying name as well.

Rationale: Provide guidance to persons purchasing uniforms in determining what wording should go onto the jersey.

4-48 NEW: Warning for Coach/Team Conduct
A warning to a coach/team for misconduct is an administrative procedure by an official, which is recorded in the scorebook by the scorer and reported to the Head Coach:
Art. 1 . . . For conduct, such as that described in rule 10-5-1a,b,d,e,f; 10-5-2; 10-5-4 the official shall warn the head coach unless the offense is judged to be major, in which case a technical foul shall be assessed. Note: A warning is not required prior to calling a technical foul.
Art. 2 . . . For the first violation of rule 10-6-1, the official shall warn the head coach unless the offense is judged to be major, in which case a technical foul shall be assessed. Note: A warning is not required prior to calling a technical foul.

Rationale: Stopping play and making sure that the bench and the coach know that an official warning has been given, sends a clear message to everyone in the gym and impacts the behavior of the coach, and in some cases the behavior of the opposing coach. This change in behavior creates a better atmosphere and many times avoids the need to administer a technical foul.


CFOA Basketball Rules Corner

Send in a rules questions that you have had in a game situation, or a general rules question. The answer will be researched (FHSAA rules) and published each week. Your submission could potentially help other officials in our organization. Ask a question today!

First and Last Name: *

E-mail Address: *

Contact Phone Number (with area code):
Not required, but if we need further clarification in order to best answer the question, we will call rather than email - when provided.

Rules Question: *
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Rule Interpretation

A defender in a marked lane space for a F.T. may not break the plain of the F.T. line (toward the F.T. shooter) prior to the ball hitting the rim, (Delayed F.T. VIOLATION). A defender on the lane may still block out the F.T. shooter in the lane area on release of the ball and may block out over the F.T. lane line (marked semi-circle area) after the ball hits the rim without violation. HOWEVER, if the defender bumps, hits, clears the F.T. shooter, a FOUL is to be called, prior to or after the ball hitting the rim.

- Jim Mills, CFOA Rule Interpreter


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Previous Basketball Announcements

15 Minute Warmup
 6:38 p.m. 15:00 Set game clock to 15 minutes. Sound horn to open floor for pre-game warm-up period. Officials report to floor.
 6:41 p.m. 12:00 Coaches/captains meeting with officiating crew.
 6:43 p.m. 10:00 Referee checks official scorebook.
 6:52 p.m. 1:00 Horn sounds to end pre-game warm-up period. Teams report to their respective benches.
 6:53 p.m. 0:00 Public address announcer begins pre-game script. Player and coach introductions, followed by National Anthem.
 7:00 p.m. 8:00 Reset game clock to 8 minutes. Opening tip.


Please adhere to this schedule. Dress properly and enjoy--remember to wear the new shirts, be early. Thanks for a great year, it is a pleasure representing you and the CFOA.
- Kim, Chap and the rest of the staff

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CFOA Basketball
Contact Information


CFOA President:
Allen Cramer

Vice President - Basketball:
Horace Cannady
407-614-5516 (Home) • 407-340-0066 (Cellular)

Assignment Officer - Basketball:
Kim Fessler

At Large Director - Basketball:
Chuck Pula

2017-18 Committees

Basketball Evaluation
Gino Smith (Chair)
Rodney Brown
Jason Carroll

Robert Sumpter (Chair)
Chris Hightower
Pat Sanhez

Carlos Childress (Chair)
Jon Creighton
Anthony Gordon

Carl Blair

Xiomara Cruz (Chair)
Felix Matrinez
Mike Lindvig

Rules Interpreter
Jim Mills

Basketball Exam Dates

2017-18 FHSAA Basketballl Exam
Sept. 18, 2017 - Oct. 24, 2017

FHSAA Official Basketball Training

2017-18 FHSAA Basketball Rules Presentation

This presentation is available as a PDF or Power Point presentation:



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