Arbiter Game Reporting Procedures

Central Florida Officials Association Game Reporting for Officials

Game report checking on “”

Link to

using your email address and password.

Click on ‘Schedule’

Click on ‘Games’, check box – ‘Show all’ (on left side of screen below DISPLAY) This will bring up past games.


The first column has the game number; the second column has Note and could have either a (red) RED R, (yellow) Yellow R or a (green) GREEN R in that same column.

A (red) RED R means the game has NOT been reported.

A (yellow) Yellow R means the game has been reported with comments and/or changes added to the game report by the referee.

A (green) GREEN R means the game has been reported and is ready for payroll.

If there is a (red) RED R, please call your referee and have him report the game.

If there is any other color than (red) RED you do NOT have to do anything.


If you have any questions or problems with viewing the Game Report, please give Al St. Pierre a call, (407) 415- 2589.


Remember ONLY the game designated REFEREE; with an EMAIL address has update access to the GAME REPORT on “”. All officials have READ access to the Game Report for their assigned games.


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