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The Central Florida Officials Association was formed in 1947 to provide officials for interscholastic sport programs of Central Florida. There are nearly 300 officials in the CFOA that are certified by the Florida High School Athletics Association (FHSAA) and scheduled for games at various schools throughout Central Florida. The CFOA services schools located in the Orlando metropolitan area and within a geographic area surrounded by Volusia, Osceola, Seminole and Lake counties. Read more --»

How to Join

If you are a new official or transferring to the area, please fill out the Recruitment Form and a member of the CFOA will contact you. Once we have your information, we will give you details on how to register with the CFOA, FHSAA, and any pertinent dates for upcoming seasons. There are several steps to becoming a high school sports official with the CFOA and FHSAA. Read more --»

Returning CFOA Officials

If you are a veteran official, please update your FHSAA membership and verify your information with CFOA. See details --»


Cooler Talk:

Find out what’s happening around the officiating world and related sports. Send any articles of interest to Jeff Deen.

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CFOA Historical Items Needed

The CFOA is in the process of collecting historical items like old patches, equipment, pictures, letters, articles, etc. The intent is to have a simple CFOA historical display to be present at the annual meeting, banquet, beach week, and special training sessions (meetings). CFOA members and others will be able to observe and know more about CFOA history in sports officiating.

If you have any interesting items that may be historical regarding the CFOA or officiating, contact Chuck Pula at 386-333-9393 or e-mail.

70 years of making the right calls!

Previously Posted Stories & Notes of Interest...

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Officials Registration Set to Open July 16th, 2018

Read the registration and exam schedule for various sports --»


Thais Dejesus

FHSAA Rookie of the Year!

Read more --»


The FHSAA has approved Broward County Schools to wear a memorial patch for the duration of the 2017-2018 season as well as for the 2018-2019 season.


Contracts & Return Schedule information is now online!

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Executive Meeting Minutes for the month of May and Annual Meeting Minutes have been posted.

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Tackle Football Announcements


The CFOA New Officials Training Classes will be held at Lake Highland Prep School. Classes are open to new, transfer and CFOA members with 1 to 3 years of football experience.

Due to a very tight schedule, if you have the qualifications for being placed as a member of the Football Playoff crew, do not delay in taking your exam. Please take it within the first week of it being available.

Read the details --»


Volleyball Announcements



2018 Training Dates, Meeting Dates & Registration Information has been posted.

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Basketball Announcements


Boys and Girls Basketball Playoff Crews have been posted.

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Flag Football Announcements


The link to the rules clinic has been posted.

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Officials Calendar at a Glance

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CFOA You Tube Channel:
Training videos will be coming soon.
Visit Channel --»


Hall of Fame

CFOA members,

We send our sincere congratulations to our 2017 Central Florida Officials Associations Hall of Fame inductees.

• Bob Blair Jr.
• Mitch Kinney
• Wally Hough
• Rudy Tapia
• Kim Fessler

Visit the CFOA Hall of Fame --»


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For older announcements see the NEWS page.

CFOA members receive notifications through the Arbiter E-mail system. Notices posted above are not as current. Please make sure your E-mail address is up-to-date so you will receive timely notifications.

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